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CarbonBlue is a venture-building and cross-border technology transfer company focused on Fintech, blockchain, and digital finance innovation. We have an unrivaled competitive advantage in scaling internationally-sourced Fintech innovation into the Greater China ecosystem as well as the developing regions of the world by strategically connecting to cross-border resources, strategic partners, and opportunities across the globe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide one-stop turnkey Fintech solutions to build digital economies of the future.

Governments, enterprises, and SMEs in the developing world are losing competitiveness and at risk of being left behind in the rapidly evolving digital economy. They lack robust digital economy infrastructure and the ability to access global Fintech capabilities. International Fintech technology innovations tend to address individual capabilities, leaving a large gap in ability to create total solutions. We are filling that gap to address the bespoke needs of government and business.

Why Us

We work only with the best-in-class, institutional-grade strategic partners and have developed the full-stack legal, regulatory, finance, business model, and technology solutions for the future of finance. These include developing the business model innovation and best practices for digital asset securitization, tokenization, stakeholder incentivization and alignment, and ecosystem governance for digital finance.

Meet Our Team

Our highly skilled, international team, has vast experience in financial services, government regulation, fintech, business development, and institutional investing.

We excel at developing full-stack solutions customised for industry-specific business needs for government and enterprise applications including full technology integration and legal/regulatory best practices.

Global Venture Building

We leverage our strategic access to the Digital Silk Road deployment of a Blockchain-based Services Network (BSN), a global blockchain trust network connecting China and the Belt and Road trade partners. The BSN blockchain cloud infrastructure platform will allow governments, institutions, and SMEs alike to fully participate in the global digital economy.

We source the best international, institution-grade, technology and market-derisked high-tech innovations to create a synergistic ecosystem of critical infrastructure that can be rapidly system-integrated to deploy full-stack Fintech solutions at scale. We develop localized, product-market fit solutions build on top of industry-specific technology and business platforms that leverage vertically integrated Fintech infrastructure and APIs. This includes best practices and regulatory guidance to allow rapid deployment into new regions.