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Building digital economies of the future

Bridging International Digital Finance Innovation to the Institutional World

Vertically Integrated Venture Building and Tech Transfer

Over the last decade, HorizenDigital has partnered and created strategic joint ventures with world-leading digital finance and blockchain infrastructure companies. HorizenDigital focuses on commercialized, enterprise-grade, regulatory-compliant, and commercially scaled technology, in many cases working with the only players in the world with key capabilities.

Key Digital Finance Infrastructure

We have established strong strategic partnerships with major technology and infrastructure providers to provide vertically-integrated solutions for digital finance that will allow the convergence into practical enterprise and institutional use cases.

World-Leading Digital Finance Thought Leadership

HorizenDigital has the pedigree to work with the top thought leaders and experts in the regulated digital assets industry focused on financial institutions.

Proprietary Venture Building and Commercialization Scaling

We have unrivaled competitive advantages in scaling internationally-sourced digital finance and Fintech innovation by strategically connecting to cross-border resources, strategic partners, and opportunities across the globe. 

The Digital Asset Opportunity in Numbers


Digital Assets in circulation by 2027


Private Stablecoin Market as of June 2023


Daily volume of Private Stablecoins


of global polutation to adopt CDBCs by 2025


Central Banks developing their CDBC strategy

Digital Finance-as-a-Service Solution

HorizenDigital develops localized, product-market fit solutions build on top of industry-specific technology and business platforms that leverage vertically integrated digital finance infrastructure and APIs. This includes best practices and regulatory guidance to allow rapid deployment into Global South.

Our Partners

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