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Bridging Asia Innovation to GCC and into Global South

The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.

Our Mission

CarbonBlue Innovations' mandate is to bridge innovation from Asia to localize the development and manufacturing of key technology infrastructure into the GCC region. Given the GCC’s critical role as a trade and business hub for Global South, CarbonBlue's technology transfer activities enable vital technology supply chain resilience for the rest of the world. CarbonBlue consists of a vertically-integrated private equity, venture-building, cross-border technology transfer, and investment banking ecosystem focused on scaling the use of the essential infrastructure technologies that will underpin and drive the future development of the interconnected global digital economy.



The premier destination for investment and development opportunities in advanced technologies and breakthrough innovations. With our deep expertise and strategic partnerships, we empower governments, corporations, institutions and investors to capitalize on the immense potential of the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Revolutionary technologies are reshaping industries across the globe, and staying ahead of the curve is paramount for investors seeking exponential returns. At CarbonBlue Innovations, we specialize in identifying, funding, and nurturing cutting-edge startups and established companies operating at the intersection of technology and innovation.


Our Commitment

CarbonBlue Innovations Limited is a holding company with various interests in infrastructure deployment, private equity investment, real estate development, cross-border tech transfer, technology industry ecosystem building, green energy and sustainability, commodity and technology trading, digital finance venture building, and smart cities/digital economy infrastructure technologies. In each of these categories, CarbonBlue is working with world-leading partners including top-level government and institutional connections, big investment and infrastructure partners, and global network of world-leading experts and strategic partners.

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CarbonBlue Ecosystem

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Over the years, CarbonBlue has built up a proprietary investment and deployment ecosystem that leverages best-in-class technology/infrastructure partners and an extensive international strategic investment network, with a particular strategic focus in connecting Greater China to the GCC. We leverage the synergies between these two singular regions of the world that have the deep resources, political will, and long-term strategic planning that as a unified driving force, will lead the rest of the world into the future. We have various engagements with leading institutions, governments, and NGOs as a key infrastructure development partner for the Digital Silk Road and Belt and Road projects.

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Key Capabilities

CarbonBlue is unparalleled in the being able to structure, invest, and deploy projects that combine the unique synergies between the Greater China and the GCC. Our core team has world-leading expertise in fund management, in-house investment banking, and M&A expertise to be able to structure deals and align stakeholders and investors. Through our integrated private equity and investment banking ecosystem, CarbonBlue’s unique cross-border technology transfer and commercialisation scaling venture building capabilities also allow Chinese/Asian businesses focused on international expansion into the GCC as a hub for Global South.

Why Choose CarbonBlue Innovations

Unparalleled Expertise

Our team at CarbonBlue Innovations boasts extensive experience in identifying, investing and deploying transformative technologies. We leverage our industry insights and market analysis to ensure smart investment and development decisions.

 Global Network

Our well-established network extends to leading venture capitalists, research institutions, and industry experts across the globe. This allows us to identify emerging trends and access unique investment opportunities.

Rigorous Due Diligence

Every investment and development opportunity undergoes a comprehensive due diligence process at CarbonBlue, allowing us to make informed decisions backed by thorough research.

Long-Term Perspective

At CarbonBlue Innovations, we believe in nurturing and supporting our portfolio companies for long-term success. Our commitment goes beyond the initial investment, as we actively work with management teams to help them achieve their growth potential.

Critical Digital Economy Infrastructure Focus

CarbonBlue Innovations focuses on the general-purpose infrastructure that will allow key exponential technologies to synergize and converge into scaled enterprise and institutional use cases in diverse markets. These critical infrastructure capabilities represent trillion-dollar Blue Ocean markets in Digital Finance/Fintech, Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, Metaverse, and Web 3.0. CarbonBlue Innovations leverages our ecosystem of world-leading portfolio companies and strategic partners to vertically integrate Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions that will drive the digital economies of the future.

Key Technology Focus Areas

AI/Big Data/Reg Tech

Targets: Banking, Accounting, Insurance, Trade Finance, Governments


Customer service, fraud detection, risk management, credit risk assessment, claim adjustment, regulatory compliance, algorithmic trading, workflow automation, market research, asset management, advertising

Cloud/Edge Computing


Enterprise IaaS/PaaS/SaaS, Network Operators

Applications: Computation utility infrastructure, decentralized networks, last mile network delivery

Blockchain/Web 3.0

Targets: Payments/Remittance, Advertising, Smart Cities


Applications: Digital identity, digital asset exchanges, custody, digital wallets, tokenization of assets and value, decentralized finance, multiparty-coordination, supply chain, trade facilitation, trade finance, digital transformation

Industry 4.0/IOT


Supply Chain/Logistics, Manufacturing, Mission Critical Infrastructure, Government Services



Supply chain management/logistics operations, predictive maintenance, process monitoring/optimization, IOT big data applications, cybersecurity, OpSec.

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