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Unique Capabilites

       Greater China & GCC    

CarbonBlue Innovations uniquely combines the strengths of the Greater China and GCC regions. We leverage the synergies between these two singular regions of the world that have the deep resources, political will, and long-term strategic planning that as a unified driving force, will drive the digital economies of the future. There are various arbitrage opportunities bridging the two regions, with innovation and talent going from Greater China to GCC, and investment and trade going the other way. We have proprietary relationships with key China technology ecosystems such as Zhongguancun, Tsinghua, and Zhejiang to source national champions supported by Beijing as well as top technology companies in the private sector.

  Cross-Border Technology Transfer

We have an unrivaled competitive advantage to leverage cross-border tech transfer opportunities that both the China and GCC governments prioritize. There is a great synergy to build GCC manufacturing and local talent base leveraging Chinese tech transfer opportunities. This allows China to internationalize its technologies into Global South and for GCC governments to develop localized infrastructure technologies to support their ambitious plans to transition their sunset economies based on natural resources to the vast opportunities in the evolving digital economy.

 Private Equity & Investment Banking

CarbonBlue Innovations is a leading cross-border private equity ecosystem that invests in the key exponential infrastructure technologies and fundamental convergence infrastructure that that will underpin the global digital economies of the future. Our core team has world-leading expertise in fund management, investment banking, and M&A expertise to be able to structure and package deals involving our portfolio companies to maximize value creation. We have a unique business model of not only passively investing into unicorn companies, but structuring joint ventures for cross-border technology transfer and rapid infrastructure scaling that can get deep government support from both China and the GCC.

 Proprietary Venture Building 

CarbonBlue Innovations has developed a proprietary cross-industry venture building model that synergizes our partners and portfolio companies to create product-market fit solutions for industry. In combination with our strategic partners and deep government relationships, CarbonBlue can rapidly scale the commercialization and adoption of our infrastructure-as-a-service solutions to different countries and industry sectors.

  Full Stack Commerialization Scaling through Proprietary Relationships with Governments

Our partners have world-class expertise in private equity, investment banking M&A, commercialization and growth scaling, business model innovation, compliance & regulation, and intellectual property strategy. CarbonBlue Innovations specializes in transplanting internationally-sourced innovation into the Greater China/GCC ecosystems as well as the developing regions of the world across the Global South by strategically connecting to key strategic partners and government relationships.

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