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CarbonBlue Innovations Ecosystem

CarbonBlue consists of a vertically-integrated private equity, venture-building, cross-border technology transfer, and investment banking ecosystem focused on scaling the use of the essential infrastructure technologies that will underpin and drive the future development of the interconnected global digital economy. Through our key technology/infrastructure partners and extensive strategic international investors, CarbonBlue is able to rapidly structure, invest, and develop projects in infrastructure deployment, private equity investment, real estate development, cross-border tech transfer, technology industry ecosystem building, green energy and sustainability, commodity and technology trading, digital finance venture building, and smart cities/digital economy infrastructure technologies combining the unique synergies between the Greater China and the GCC.


Fund of Funds Platform

CarbonBlue is a leading cross-border private equity firm that operates a fund of funds platform that invests in the key exponential infrastructure technologies and fundamental convergence infrastructure that that will underpin the global digital economies of the future. Our key initiatives include technology infrastructure and transfer fund, carbon neutrality fund, fintech fund, gaming fund, etc. with the focus of connecting China to the GCC. Our core team has world-leading expertise in fund management, investment banking, and M&A expertise to be able to structure and package deals involving our portfolio companies to maximize value creation. We have a unique business model of not only passively investing into unicorn companies, but structuring joint ventures for cross-border technology transfer and rapid infrastructure scaling that can get deep government support from both China and the GCC.

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University & Technology Park

CarbonBlue Innovations has the mandate to create the GCC’s first university and technology park focused on the Greater China ecosystem. Anchored by the Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS), our China-UAE university and technology park initiative will represent the first Chinese University to set up a campus in the GCC. The university park will support not only the Zhejiang University ecosystem, but other Greater China and Global South universities that would like to have a footprint in the GCC. Around this university park, CarbonBlue is developing a complete technology park ecosystem in partnership with leading Chinese technology ecosystems in Zhejiang Province, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, HK, and Greater Bay Area. The CarbonBlue technology park represents a world-leading innovation ecosystem that will include office and industrial park facilities, venture capital and private equity network partners, startup incubation programs, technology transfer office, government liaison center, residential property development, and potentially free trade zone status. 

Technology Commercialization Competition Foundation Asia

CarbonBlue is in the finalization phase of confirming the mandate to create the Asia expansion for a world-recognized technology commercialization prize foundation. CarbonBlue will be responsible for the implementation and administration of new regional prize competitions related to this foundation for the APAC, including the MENA, ASEAN, Greater China, and East Asia regions. These Asia regional competitions will allow scaled private sector R&D and investment activities that will promote technology commercialization in key verticals ranging from clean energy and sustainability, financial and digital inclusion, and peace innovation in service for Humanity. CarbonBlue will benefit from these ecosystem activities by being able to drive commercialization activities as well as sourcing investment dealflow from the prize participants and partner investment networks.

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